Energy & Thermal Management

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A Healthier Approach

Energy and Thermal Management is at the core of Techniplas. Our products help to reduce CO2 emissions and provide for significant increase in fuel efficiency, while delivering a healthier combination of air in the cockpit for active driving and overall health and safety.

Products & Services

  • Fluid Level Indicators

    Techniplas manufactures over half of all fluid level indicators used by the premier brands in North America.

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  • Vacuum Boost

    Vacuum boost systems enhance braking, fuel and other systems by boosting vacuum pressure within those systems.

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  • Brake Fluid Reservoirs

    Techniplas provides critical brake fluid reservoirs to the world's largest manufacturers.

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  • Tri-Clamps & Bushing Wells

    Critical products used in the utility and power grid.

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  • Active Grille Shutter

    Adjustable air inlet systems to control airflow for automobiles.

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  • Air Ducts

    Controlled airflow through the engine compartment and protect against leakage with our Air Duct products.

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  • Air Water Separator

    Separation components of air and water in heating ventilation and cooling units.

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